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Strongest Points

  • English classes take place in a local British school, evaluated as "good" by Ofsted, a quality evaluation organisation of teaching in the UK.
  • Here, there are more than 1000 English students.
  • Brighton is a youthful and lively city

English school in Brighton

Founded in 1984, the English school in Brighton specialises in intensive English language courses for young students between 13 and 18 years old. 

The academic centre is spacious and has modern facilities. It is situated in an important residential area in Brighton, perfectly connected with the city centre, the pier and the beach.

The English classes are in a local British school where more than 1000 young English students study between 11 and 16 years old, with whom our students will find many opportunities to integrate with them through sports activities, arts activities and other cultural activities. 

All of our students will be able to share their free time and meals with native English people of their age, make new friends and learn more about the British culture in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Facilities on campus

The campus has modern facilities for learning as well as sports facilities, common areas, computer room, cafe and theatre, and a dance class where the students will take part in fun activities in the afternoons. 

  • Spacious and modern classrooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness room
  • Theatre
  • Music and art room
  • TV room


Situated on the coast of Sussex, Brighton is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the South of England. It is a modern and cosmopolitan city and is probably the prettiest and liveliest city on the coast of England. 

Due to its geographic location in the South of England, the weather is normally good, with an almost tropical climate, palm trees and promenade walks which will remind you of any Southern European city. 

Brighton is a lively and youthful city, thanks to the presence of all of the young people that study in one of the two prestigious Universities, and the influx of numerous international students throughout the year. 

Course English in Brighton Institute. Junior IndependentCourse English in Brighton Institute. Junior Independent


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English programme for teenagers in Brighton (13-18 years old)

The English course in Brighton is designed for young students. It is a course of 15 hours per week in international classes and has a maximum of 16 students per class.


All of the teachers are TEFL and QTS qualified, and are natives with a lot of experience of teaching English.

First day

The first day, all of the students will take a level test to work out their initial level, and they will be assigned the right group in relation to their age, English level and nationality.


The programme of this course is in line with the CEF (Common European Framework). At the end, each student will receive an attendance certificate.

Additional information

The objective is to increase confidence and capatability of using English. The focus of the course is communication, through lessons which will animate the students and encourage them to speak as much as much as possible, practicing speaking and listening.


  • Course duration 2-12 weeks
  • Horas per Week  15
  • Duration of Classes  60 Minutes
  • Timetables Mornings from 08:50 to 12:10
  • Level test  Yes
  • Accredited Diploma  Yes
  • Level  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.
  • Maximum students per class in summer  16
  • Average during the rest of year  0
  • Minimum age  13

Brighton Institute

Extra-curricular Activities

Brighton InstituteBrighton InstituteBrighton InstituteBrighton Institute


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