Cursos de Español en Erasmus PLUS

Schools and locations


Each course is going to be celebrated in a well furnished and comfortable installations provided by local high or primary schools, hotels and conference halls. The location and all the details are going to be provided upon request and 2 weeks before the arrival.




Practical Methodology Workshops on Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Primary Level (3 days) conducted by expert teacher trainers with many years of experience in training European teachers of English and a wealth of exciting ideas to impart.

Emphasis will be on motivating pupils through a variety of child-centred activities which engage their imaginations and creativity. Different approaches to Primary Language Teaching will be discussed.

Plenty of practical ideas will be demonstrated and considered and teachers will be encouraged to participate. Many aspects will be covered including:


  • Developing listening & speaking skills;
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning);
  • € 2.054


  • Songs, rhymes & chants; poems;
  • Increasing motivation;
  • € 1.457


  • Drama and role play;
  • Learner autonomy;
  • € 1.948


  • Storytelling activities;
  • Co-operative learning;
  • € 1.457


A wide range of ready-made teaching materials will be provided.

The Workshop will include Aspects of children’s lives in Britain: family life, homes, food, celebrations, customs, school life, games, music, television, literature, fashion, hobbies, pets.

English Language Training including Listening and Speaking Skills, Pronunciation and Intonation, Grammar Review, Vocabulary (1 or 2 days – see course programmes)

Classroom Language: Vocabulary, Expressions and Role Play for the Primary Classroom and Language for Storytelling (1 day)


The Education System:

  • a lecture and discussion on Primary Education in the United Kingdom 
  • day visits to two (or one) primary schools with an opportunity to observe lessons (on 2 week term-time courses)


Educational visit to:

 Bath from Cheltenham

  • or   London  from Maidstone
  • or   Winchester   from Portsmouth
  • or   Dartmoor National Park & Dartmouth   from Exeter
  • or   Ely from Cambridge
  • or   Edinburgh (& Glasgow)  from Dunfermline
  • or   Dublin or The Giant’s Causeway from Belfast
  • or   Welsh Open Air Museum & St Fagans Castle from Cardiff



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La academia está acreditada por:


Language4you es una institución educativa registrada en el portal ECAS para la participación en proyectos Erasmus Plus: KA1, KA2, y otros proyectos.

Trabajamos tanto en los proyectos de Institutos y Colegios españoles, que participan en proyectos de mobilidad fuera de España, como en los proyectos de otras instituciones de fuera de España, que desean venir a Granada para la ejecución de su proyecto KA1 o KA2.

En lo que se refiere a las mobilidades de prácticas de proyectos KA102 y KA103, tenemos una amplia red de empresas en Irlanda, Italia, Portugal y España.

Llevamos a cabo las siguientes gestiones:

  • Gestión de búsqueda de la empresa para prácticas
  • Certificado de realización de las prácticas
  • Matrícula y reserva de plaza
  • Seguimiento, monitorización y evaluación de las prácticas por un coordinador local
  • Traslados desde/hasta el aeropuerto en destino (opcional)
  • Alojamiento (opcional)
  • Matrícula y reserva del curso de idioma (opcional)
  • Contratación del Seguros (opcional)


Si su Instituto o Colegio ha conseguido un proyecto Erasmus Plus, no dude en contactar con nosotros. 


Cursos de Español en España:

MAIDSTONE: curso y alojamiento en familia


  • Duración del Curso 1 o 2 semanas
  • Lecciones por Semana  20
  • Duración de las Clases  45 Minutos
  • Horarios Mañana y tarde
  • Prueba de Nivel  Si
  • Diploma Acreditativo  Si
  • Nivel  B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Máximo alumnos por clase en verano  10
  • Media durante el resto de año  6
  • Edad Mínima  21

Actividades Extra Académicas


Alojamientos durante tu curso de Español en España:

Para tu curso de Español en España puedes elegir entre los siguientes alojamientos:


Host Family Accommodation to include:

  • Full board Accommodation with a local family (inclusive of registration fee): 8, 12 or 13 nights

(Teachers may request to be the only guest of their mother tongue or to stay in the same family as a colleague).

Host families are carefully selected and offer a friendly welcome and opportunities to chat and learn more about life in the UK today. Participants often find that the experience of staying with a host family is one of the most memorable aspects of the course.

  • Accommodation is in single rooms (unless participants request to share). Breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal are provided by the host family. (Food allergies, likes and dislikes are taken into account.)


Please note that many of the suitable residential areas are not within walking distance of the town centre, and most host families are an easy bus ride from the town centre/tuition centre. Local transport from host families to the town centre and local schools is at the participants’ own expense and is likely to cost 15-30 Euro per week.

Additional nights with host families can be arranged, giving participants extra time for individual research and visits. Accommodation can be provided for family members (but not unaccompanied children) subject to availability. (Rates on request).



Self-catering accommodation in a university residence or similar in a central location - single bedroom with en-suite shower/ wc; no meals provided (inclusive of registration fee) - is available (subject to confirmation) only on the following courses:



Disponibilidad: En las fechas del curso

Tipo de habitación: individual

Distancia a la escuela: hasta de 30 min andando hasta 50 min en

Entrada: Domingo

Salida: sábado


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Como Llegar

Por qué elegirnos:

  1. Por nuestra atención profesional y transparente
  2. Por nuestro apoyo durante todo el proceso
  3. La oferta de estancias con mejor relación calidad-precio y amplia experiencia en el sector

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